4 Dino-Mite Activities For Your Dinosaur-Loving Kid

Dino Day is June 1!

By Macaroni KID May 28, 2024

Have a dinosaur-crazy kid? You should be aware then that Dino Day is June 1! To celebrate this dino-riffic day, we've curated four family-friendly dinosaur-themed activities to help keep your dino-loving kid entertained.

1. Get them tickets to an unforgettable dinosaur show!

Jurassic Quest brings SKYSCRAPING DINOSAURS to towns all over the United States, allowing kids a close-up look at LIFE-SIZE, REALISTIC dinos and ancient ocean dwellers!

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2. Make dino 'fossil' cookies

Ingredients: no-spread cookie mix, cookie cutter, toy dinosaurs

1. Make your favorite batch of no-spread cookie dough.
2. While the dough is raw, use toy dinosaurs to imprint various shapes. REMOVE the dinosaur before baking!
3. Bake cookies according to the recipe directions. 

— Photos and recipe from Sarah Hauge, publisher of Macaroni KID Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial Colo.

 Nicole Hoeper

3. Make — and break — dino fizzy eggs

Supplies needed: baking soda, water, gel food coloring, plastic dinosaurs

Get the step-by-step instructions!

 Nicole Hoeper

4. Get messy with a creative handprint dino

Supplies needed: paint, black permanent marker, paper, embellishments

1. Add paint to the palm of your child’s hand.
2. With fingers spread apart, gently press your child's hand onto a sheet of paper like a stamp.
3. Use extra paint and embellishments to add features like spikes or a tail.